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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  July 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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streets of dc. and parents with obese children should lose custody. who is saying this and could this save lives. they think it can. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. let's take a lookout side this morning a beautiful start to this thursday morning feels nice. humidity lower, temperatures are lower. and the skies are clearer sounds like a perfect mix. 69 degrees regan national airport good morning thanks for be ugh us. i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. made me slow down walking to the car. >> not guilty rushing to get back to the air conditioning. enjoy today tony >> i should point out it bares reminding people on a day like this, when it is a very nice day we forecast and it is beautiful out if you see tucker during the day it is customary to tip the weather man.
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>> people don't know that? >> no. >> try it out lately. offers of thanks are good but money helps. >> just kidding folks. let's look at what is going on out there. your weather headlines for the day, you are going to like them. sunny skies, beautiful start to the day, heat and humidity taking a break a little vacation, it will be warm but not hot like it has been the weekend looks fantastic really good. start to warm up towards the end of the weekened, and then the heat returns in earnest for next week we will climb back into the 90s let's enjoy the next four days, temperatures across the region, 69 degrees here in washington 71 annapolis, 67 salisbury, monas sis 61 degrees and winchester. plenty of sunshine breezy winds blowing 5 to 15 miles an hour at various times today 85
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degrees lower humidity too. great day 85 for your high in town that is a look at what is happening with the weather hey julie. >> it is a beautiful day to be this busy on traffic. >> if you are going to be busy do it on a nice day. 301, checking for a crash there. central at the belt way checking for a crash there and crew in sky fox over the latest scene in virginia, this crash involving a pedestrian. northbound side of the highway, building before, feather stone road this left turn lane remains blocked northbound side of the highway help there blocking on the south sound side. not doing so quickly unfortunately, from before feather stone road. according to d dot at the dc end to have 14th street bridge a sinkhole formed and you will find two left lanes are blocked, mainline traffic grid
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locked from the belt way headed north expressway king street working your way across the pot mock. there is the option of you guys coming across springfield, head north of 295 but at the parkway is in place and delays formalcolm x avenue. new this morning a carjacking with a mother and young child inside the vehicle this all started in baltimore. >> the suspect lead police on a wild chase down 95, down a belt way before the mom and baby made a daring escape. stacy cohen with more on how this happened. stacy. >> well, it really is an incredible story the good news the mother and child are okay now it was a harrowing event started 10:00 p.m. last night baltimore 24-year- old woman and 20 month old baby were at a gas station filling up, doing something when the suspect approached, forced his way into the car according to
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witnesses and took off with the woman and child in the car. the suspect is a the 2-year- old, -- 22-year-old he continued driving on 95 sideswiping a state troopers vehicle parked in a construction zone we have video of the car involved because it is here in the evidence bay a 1995 black lexus he carjacked besides, this, he kept going the trooper began to pursue it was exceeding speeds 100 miles per hour by the time it made its way around the belt way, another trooper began to give chase the car was driving soar ratically it was driving between 100 miles per hour and 10 or 20 the car door seemed to be dangling perhaps because it was damaged in the accident eventually it slowed and the woman and baby jumped out of the car on to the highway near cabin john they were picked up by police they are okay sent to hospital with injuries the suspect pulled over a short time later and arrested. now white is here at the rockville state police barracks
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he will be transported to baltimore where he is wanted for questioning we are waiting him walking out of here now and we should learn more and talking to state police here some time within the next hour. reporting live i am stacy cohen back to you. now another big story we continue to follow a stormy meeting at the white house. dire warning about the nations economy. >> another day of debt limit talks did not go well and the country's top notch credit rating is hanging in the balance. doug luzader explains from capitol hill. >> they are going to butt heads again today at the white house by all indications this is not going well. don't let the nice pictures fool you smiles didn't last long depending whom you listen to the president either dressed down republicans or stormed out of this meeting almost two hours after these photos were taken. >> issue is not about personality it is about doing something for the american people that needs to be done. >> it didn't help wall street
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was reeling after credit ratings giant moody's raised the possibility of lowering the country's credit rating unless there is a deal to raise the debt limit add to that a warning from ben bernanke who talked about the august 2nd deadline. >> so this is a matter of arithmetic soon after that date there would have to be significant cuts in social security medicare military pay or some combination of those to avoid borrowing more money. >> bottom line is that the two sides may now be farther apart as they are scheduled to meet again today but more and more talk about the short term republican back up plan floated by mitch mcconnell in case everything else breaks down >> i hope i am wrong the idea of not doing something serious about the debt before august sickens me. >> it is hard to get an accurate picture what happens in these meetings the white house is further restricting
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access to them. doug luzader fox news. thanks very much while congress can't agree on the nations debt they can see eye to eye on honouring those effected by the september 11th terror attacks today the national 9/11 flag will make its way to capitol hill where republicans and capital hill leaders will restitch it to make this year the single largest national day of service. could rudy giuliani jump into the race for president the former mayor of new york isn't convinced any of the contenders can beat president obama he is heading to new hampshire to explore a run he has not declared his running but will not rule it out. >> we will find out if sarah palin is running for president later this summer she tells fox news she could beat president obama she could campaign for another republican not so
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obsess sievely partisan they can't just do what's right end quote. checking this mornings other top stories gruesome killing of an 8-year-old brooklyn boy shocked the tight knit what sidic community he went missing in one of the safest sections of the community the man under arrest is himself an orthodox jew his ex-wife is speaking out in 2007 she took out a restaining order again -- restraining order against him but she said he was harmless. >> we lived together he was good to the kids came out of nowhere. >> he was so hysterical about us getting a divorce he didn't want to get a divorce i did. >> she said he became less religious since moving back to a quaint religious neighbourhood where people now wish they never had a reason to learn his name. people in prince georges
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county questioning two people in a homicide officers were called after a shooting and found the victim dead inside the home. a neighbor is shocked by this killing. >> it strikes me as strange he was a very quiet person, like i said my wife would see him out running we didn't have a lot of interaction with him, so they are saying he seemed to have been targeted is what i thought and heard from police earlier he was targeted it is hard for me to imagine anything he would have been involved in. i can't think of anything off hand. >> the victim indeed was targeted this was not a random act no word on a motive. a virginia man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting two women at an unemployment agency 72-year-old lee works at the world employment agency two women who went looking for help claim he forced them to watch pornography and sexually assaulted them authorities believe there may be other
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victims too. dc councilman marion barry's son facing drug charges. police were called to his apartment in may because of a fight. police found pcp the younger barry jumped out of a window to avoid police but they later arrested him chris barry is charged possession. prosecutors said needles and cotton balls of clemens former trainer who said he used to inject him the trainer kept the evidence for years because he didn't trust clemens, defense attorneys maintain the evidence is not true or it is fake. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using steroids. in the district you might see an increased presence of fire ems crews they have been sent to potential crime hot
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spots to be a visible presence yesterday they were fanned out for the first payday of summer youth employment programs in the past the youth have been targets of robberies. >> no one is being placed at harm you are a firefighter, a public works person in a government vehicle and you are collecting a government check every day. you work for the citizens of the district of columbia and all we are asking people to do is what we are asking any other citizen to do if you are out on the street, if you see something, dial 911, and have metropolitan police department respond. >> the firefighters union disagrees with the move, fearing for safety of its men and women the president of the police union is voicing strong opposition. another chapter in the charlie sheen escort controversy, said the officers involved acted within department rules calling escorts routine. the report made 11
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recommendations including notifying other jurisdictions when there is an escort outside the district, in april, sheen tweeted a photo riding in a police escort to show he was inside the car dc police chief says it appeared to violate proper procedures. just about 7:12 a.m. on thursday morning, on its final mission the crew of atlantis gets a very special wake up call. we will let you know who it was from. millions of kids are classified as obese two doctors are sharing a radical idea they think will fight the growing problem. as we take you to break a live lookout side latest weather and traffic from tony and julie nice looking day. 69 degrees, 7:12 a.m.
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♪ if you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon ♪ good morning atlantis this is michael stipe from rem we wish you much success on your mission. >> the wake up call for the crew on space shuttle atlantis from michael stipe singer from rem he was singing their hit man on the moon delivering that message the crew has been working on transferring a multi purpose logistics module the final mission of nasa's 30 year shuttle program elton john giving the wake up call with rocket man. >> man on the moon can we make predictions. >> i have one. david bowie, space. >> major tom to ground control. >> that is tomorrow.
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>> tucker was reciting the lyrics. >> so maybe not. >> go with the first line. not what you want to hear when you are in space. >> take it live [ laughter ] >> so no, let's not go there. strike tony from the record. [ laughter ] >> i can't do this. >> oh, yes, you can. you are a pro. >> okay. >> think of all the times we like to blame tucker for things now you can. >> yes i can. 69 degrees washington 86 dallas warm there, but much of the nation is mild this morning not a bad start to the day. satellite radar composite for the day we've got clear skies, beautiful out and going to be a beautiful day dry conditions, low humidity, breezy look how quiet it is across the eastern
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united states things look good there are some rain showers in minnesota right now they have had some storminess there. sunny low humidity, heat returns monday. look at it this way, for david bowie it is a one line gig. >> i think we probably will not hear from david bowie tomorrow. >> julie wright. tough day if you are on 395. >> no relief in sight big delays stacking up as you guys travel northbound from the belt way in the mainline across the 14th street bridge we are on the dc end of the bridge after this overhead sign where we have reports to have sinkhole tieing up at least two left lanes causing a tight merge for those off the express lanes, and grid locked springfield headed north. also things swell from duke
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headed northbound earlier we suggested taking the outer loop, 295 t outer loop into the sunshine going from van doran to telegraph road now closed not only from the belt way, up to the parkway for that long term construction project. a tough go virginia headed into dc outer loop of the belt way, on the break vw parkway incident northbound green belt road crews are on the scene of that accident northbound 301 a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right thank you very much in the meantime a major recall from chrysler, the auto maker putting the blakes on more than -- brakes on more than 240,000 ram pick up trucks due to steering problems a component in the steering could break. dcs 5¢ bag tax is paying off city officials say bag use is down 80% and the taxes made the district some $2 million, nearly $1 million of that
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awarded in grants to groups that help restore local waterways another $300,000 going to private firms who do the same sort of work those projects will start end of the summer. this morning reaction continues to poor in about a doctor's urging obese children should some times be taken away from their parents. >> controversial editorial appears in the latest journal of the american medical association. sarah. well, this is very controversial indeed it already happened a few times in the u.s. where severely over weight children were sent to live in foster homes or with other relatives, when it was deemed their parents could not do enough to help them there is renewed attention on the issue after an obesity specialist at university hospital in boston wrote putting children temporarily in foster care is some times more ethical than obesity surgery the point is not to blame parents but act in children's best interest and get them help for whatever reason their parents can't
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provide, he says such action would also include education and training for the parents, so that the families could be reunited as soon as possible, countless doctors are voicing opposition to this idea. >> if you look at the obesity problem for a lot of kids in america, it is an economic problem, it is an educational problem, parents have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet they have to kind of buy the cheapest food available what that is is mostly food that promotes obesity. >> and by the way, you are sounding off on our facebook fan page about this most everyone things this is a bad idea melody writes some obese kids are already depressed why should we make them even more depressed if we take their parents away. >> melanie posted children are over weight for a variety of reasons i have a son who has always been big, who ate right and a thinner son who only ate pizza, genetics is not a punishable offence.
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some 2 million children in the u.s. are experimentally obese and the doctor said -- extremely obese and the doctor said weight loss surgery can have life threatening complications,. thank you so much. >> it is 21 minutes past the hour more fall out from the phone hacking scandal involving news of the world why rupert murdoch is headed to the courtroom. >> plus rocking out this morning at the national theatre rock of ages is in town holly morris is hanging with the cast and crew catch up with all of them when fox 5 morning news continues 7:22 a.m.
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making headlines a bomb exploded at a memorial service for the afghan president's brother. four people died in this attack including a top official of the kandahar city government and a
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young child. a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in a southern city the mosque packed with friends and family paying condolences to karzai. the city of mumbai india, on high alert after coordinated terror attacks last night three bombs exploded within minutes of each other leaving at least 17 people dead more than 130 injured the worst terrorist attack in india since the siege in 2008 that killed 166 people there was no intelligence warning of a possible attack. news corp. chairman rupert murdoch is being summoned to testify he and his son james received an official summons, it is unclear whether they can be forced to show up the former editor of news of the world rebecca brooks agreed to go before the committee next week news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. 7:26 a.m. on this thursday morning debt
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talks at the white house get heated as the president tells republicans enough is enough. a closer look at the nations debt crisis and incite when fox 5 morning news continues. as we take you to break, a live lookout side we have the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie up next it is 7:26 a.m. right now
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7:30 a.m. a guy in austria, a little tough to see keep an eye on the photo he won a legal battle allowing him to wear a pasta strain inner his drivers license photo he claims it is a requirement of his religion he calls pasta feriifism he says he bow longs to the church of the -- belongs to the church of the flying spaghetti monster. like a last fair january. >> but a pasta --s are at --
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rastafarian but pasta. >> freedom of religion. >> they were within their rights to say he brought up a secondary issue. let's get a doctors note make sure you are okay. listen you want to be on the roads today out and about walking around enjoying the pleasant conditions i bet the parks downtown today will be full at lunchtime it will be a splendid day it already is. temperatures across the region not a bad start remember yesterday morning this time, we were starting to reach into the upper 80s. 69 degrees right now, very very nice here in the district, 66 at quantico, 63 gaithersburg burg baltimore, 67 degrees, dulles, 67, win chester, just very nice across the region. winds, we will talk about these because during the course of the day it will be breezy not windy, nothing significant but breezy, 9-mile per hour winds right now dc 10 at dulles and
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generally speaking, during the day, blowing any where from 5 to 15 miles an hour. you will deal with that satellite radar composite quiet, nothing to show you no precipitation, blue skies here, pull this out for you what you will see is up to the north and west, there are some rain shower activity across minnesota, but that is not going to impact us, high pressure settling in, quiet, mostly clear across most of the eastern united states. so the forecast today looks like this, no advisories in effect no heat advisory no bad air quality, sunny skies, low humidity breezy at times, as much as heat is a factor low humidity will make it feel comfortable today, 85 degrees winds we talked about tonight clear skies comfortable temperatures mid-60s lower 60s outside of town, this continues tomorrow saturday, sunday we start to warm up still rather
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pleasant, 88 degrees that is actually i think a degree below normal sunday and then monday, that heat returns and we start to get that humidity building back in, 90 for your high on monday just a great day great 5 day forecast now let's see if julie wright can give us a great look at the roads. >> that is not fair that is a lot of pressure >> i know. i know. >> it is not my fault but i talked to d dot what they are telling me tony it was like a steel grate across a hole already there end of the 14th street bridge unfortunately it started to sink there is another crew enroute to put a large steel plate across the hole forming at the dc end blocking the left lane right at that point where the expressways merge on to the mainline, that is where this occurred on the dc end of the 14th street bridge our mainline is open it is congested 644 out of springfield headed northbound out of the potomac, headed back into dc.
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westbound expect rubber necking delayslow track as you work your way in outer loop of the belt way thinking of coming here going across the wilson bridge be prepared for slow downs, 295, traffic flowing at malcolm x. northbound 301, authorities on the scene of that crash, southbound 270, rock dale heavy and slow as you continue south of shady grove road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we hear it was a stormy neating at the white house yesterday as republican and democratic leaders attacked the crisis. good morning good to see you, robert walk era former republican representative from the great state of pennsylvania. we want to start on a lighter note we were talking earlier there is a good news in the
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american past time baseball, tell us about it quick marty. >> tonight is the 50th anniversary of the congressional baseball game not softball we actually play hard ball. >> right. >> it has been going on i was told by marty it started 1909. >> wow. >> modern era starts 1961 when george h w bush played first base for republicans and won. they have done a good job in baseball. tonight, democrats and republicans will play over at national stadium, which is a beautiful venue, i will be announcing the democrat side of the game and ralph hall will announce the republican side and maybe we can get together on the field and cut a deal on the debt limits. >> i doubt that. >> some talks go over easier when you are having a little fun. we will hold out hope for anything. on more serious terms it seems
7:36 am
after these meetings we appear to be even farther apart on this. is this just what is coming out of this, are talks really going somewhere i will start with you. >> well, look, there is no question that based on what the rating systems are saying, what economists are saying, what the catastrophic effect this will be a deal needs to be done senator mitch mcconnell has come up with a deal, the last bad choice we can pick, not the best choice i don't think there are any choices, that are good i don't think any of them are good but we have to get it done otherwise there will be some serious problems in terms of our economy everybody things it will hurt the financial market what happens really, the working americans will be suffering even more all their credit card rates will go up, so it is a horrible fix that needs to get done, and maybe after the blow up yesterday, they will get together all right let's get it done today. just a little more under
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the senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell's plan he says the president could request and get increases up to 2.5 trillion government barring authority, as long as he also proposed spending cuts of greater size how far is this likely to go. >> i don't think it is likely to go far at all republican leadership tells me house leadership that it fell like a dead ball on the house floor. just is not something that is likely to move forward and that is one of the problems right now no one has a formula what you have got a is lot of tension and some people are making political mistakes i think the week when the president came out, and declared that social security checks might not go out it was a mistake because in essence what he said was social security system at the present time is so bankrupt we cannot
7:38 am
send out the checks unless we borrow money from the chinese that goes to the heart of an issue that is out there for a long time many people believe there is a trust fund that holds their money, for the checks and so on and now this is basically belied that saying we can't even pay social security checks, if something happens. >> you touched on it a little bit but moody's investor service coming out saying they are looking at at that credit rating, ben bernanke saying this would be devastating sending ripple effects through the entire economy is wall street showing signs of instability leading up to this, let me ask you ramifications here and in your knowledge, are we likely to see a deal made? >> i think a deal will get made because it will be so huge as mitch mcconnell says he doesn't want to have a bad economy dropped in the laps of the
7:39 am
republican party. here is part of my problem, republicans don't know how to take yes for an answer they wanted $2 trillion in cuts president obama eventually gets it up to 4 trillion they still couldn't say yes i mean they want to criticize the left for saying we don't want to cut medicare or social security or medicaid but in essence, nancy pelosi put everything on the table everything needs to be looked at by itself but everything is on the table republicans basically just said no there is a difference saying i want to negotiate, bob and i can negotiate something if i turn to him and say can we do this and you say no we can't negotiate any more. >> the problem is some of these things out there are in fact real problems the social security system has real problems in it. and some of these things have to be a part of a major deal here and you know i just think that there has been a lot of
7:40 am
poisoning of the well, taken place along the way here republicans actually put a budget on the table months ago they took some real risks in doing what they did, the senate has yet to table a budget the president had a budget out there he was dead on arrival because it spoke to none of these tough issues, he went to george washington university, made a speech he said here is my plan they have never yet put that plan into any kind of form that it can be scored, and what the republicans are saying, is until you lay a plan on the table this is where the tension was yesterday until you lay a plan on the table that can be scored so we know what you are for as well as against we can't very well continue negotiations. >> got to end it there we have learned these talks ended rather abruptly yesterday with the president walking out saying enough is enough see you tomorrow we will wait and see what happens thank you for coming in. hope to see you soon. >> good luck in the game
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tonight. steve over to you. >> thanks very much >> i wish i was playing in it too. >> 7:40 a.m. put some extra cash in your pockets the easier checking in from your phone.
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eva loan gore yeah's vegas night club is term -- loan gore yeah's vegas night club is temporarily closing its doors, it closed monday to save a little monday. an attorney says it will be renovated and reopen in january. they filed for bankruptcy the restaurant attached to the club will remain open. well, at least you can eat there. >> well, she is not even a week old baby beckham is already hanging out with royalty, victoria and david invited kate and william to meet harper seven the royal couple was among the first to text their congrats to harper when she was born, really to the parents.
7:45 am
but who knows, she is that special maybe she can. >> so justin you want to call up my girl mila i am going to ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me washington dc if you can't go all i have to say is cry me a river. >> intimidated by the gentlemen standing behind her who look a little intimidating that is our front lines folks best wishs to all of them days after one marine's video request to take mila cue mishere in washington went viral another trying to get justin as her date. justin convinced mila to accept the invite he has yet to respond to his own. >> i thought that was cute she started off with a lot of bravado and then got weak >> you want to call out my girl mila. >> that might do it i hope they do it both justin and mila do it. >> for the ball here, come on
7:46 am
in we would love to meet -- >> any of them. >> absolutely. >> we will show you something good temperature trend, you remember lately we have been using -- showing you higher and higher temperatures not this time my friends our average high this date, 88 degrees. we won't get there, 85, 86 friday, 86 saturday at this point we think and then 88 on sunday. so these are nice temperatures this is right about where we should be or a little below normal for the next couple days more importantly the humidity will be low as well temperatures across the region. 69 district, 66 quantico, cambridge, 68 degrees. martins burg 66 and here you go the warm air pushed to the south, raleigh 74, cape hatteras, 82, cooler to the north and west of pittsburgh, 62 degrees this hour. here is your five day forecast high today 85 degrees, tomorrow 86, lots of sunshine,
7:47 am
and then on sunday, the heat starts to build back in by monday it is back and humidity will be back as well enjoy the next couple days glorious. >> we have an update mila kunis cannot go to the ball in north carolina because of a filming commitment. >> maybe she can come to the washington ball. >> she wasn't invited to it. >> maybe she will be. >> by anyone going just wanted you all to know that. >> we will see what happens. julie wright with updates what is happening on the roads. >> i am going to send my request via the weather guys, the video club for weather people, will tony and tucker take me to lunch. >> i thought you guys had a date set up. >> supposed to go tomorrow. >> then julie said she invited some more of her friends. >> then i backed out. >> you can't get too greedy now. >> well, i was going to invite you and alison. >> okay then. >> well we will negotiate it
7:48 am
like the debt ceiling negotiation. >> oh, where he will, okay. -- oh, well, okay. >> can the 14th street bridge reports of a sinkhole left side is blocked traffic tries to merge in. northbound delays, 395 and 644 as you try to work your way northbound they are congested coming in from dukes street that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. oh, love it we are heading back to the 80s this morning. >> the show rock of ages going on national theatre and that is where holly is this morning. good morning holly. working on the big hair already. >> exactly. you know i could just tell you about the show or you know me i could try to get myself involved in it big hair big music big fun that is what we are having at national theatre this morning you are right, the five time tony nominated musical rock of ages is in town for a short time by the way.
7:49 am
we are starletting in hair and make up talking about the show why you want to rock it out yourself and you can always dress the part they love that when the audience comes dressed all live next.
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ai4:.. r
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holly mentioned it is a five time tony award nominated musical, rock of ages now in town at the national theatre through july 24th. >> our girl holly is there today to get a behind the scenes look at the musical production good morning. >> good morning this is like totally awesome you know what i am saying however, i am a little scared that in researching my role i only had to go as far as my own closet what does that say? the 80s were my time this is taking me back however i will say at this point in my life i didn't have enough hair to make
7:53 am
it as big as it needed to be so tammy lee is helping me out she is in make up and hair with the show this is, um, large. >> large and in charge. >> large and in charge i love it i actually thing my hair might have been this big in the 80s i would use two sets of hot rollers. >> oh, yeah. >> let's talk about rock of ages this really is just a fun show there is no way you can't enjoy it. >> no, you can't you have to come ready to party and have a good time. it is so unlike any other show because we are just a party crowd we are ready to rock and roll and do it and you turn it on and can't help but have a good time. >> so it is this kind of love story told through arena rock and you do encourage people to come dressed, right. >> absolutely. like we love it when you guys -- whenever people come in dressed and are ready to just embrace it because that is what
7:54 am
we need to do, embrace our inner party. >> all right. that is the phrase of the morning embracing our inner party. >> so my hair looks great but i am feeling a little under stated with make up what are my tips on giving me 80s make up. >> chloroflurocarbons color blues, greens, pinks, -- color, color, color, blues, greens, pinks. >> see if you can make me pop in 30 seconds or so. this is probably one of those fun shows where actually doing the guy's hair is as much fun as the girls. >> absolutely, it is just this big giant hair and the guys hair is often times longer than the girls is. and definitely more crazy so it is a lot of fun to work on the men in this show as well as the girls. just because it is so different. >> speaking of men in this show in case you haven't heard,
7:55 am
constantine from american idol fame i talked to him way back in l.a. when he was a contestant was nominated for a tony for this show plays one of the lead rolls what is it like working with him? >> you know i don't do a whole lot with him. i touch up his -- give him hair product and he -- >> i do remember his hair he likes his hair product >> he has a lot of hair product and a lot of hair and this gorgeous great curly hair it is fun you know he is known for that great hair. >> well, you obviously have worked on a lot of shows what makes this one stand out for you. >> this show i think it is the party attitude laid back everybody is having a good time we all enjoy coming to work and seeing each other every day and it is not work. i haven't felt like i was working most of the time. >> come do a morning news show. >> yeah. i will come back to you in a second to get more make up
7:56 am
cheerily this is not enough i would like a little glitter but i want to spruce up my outfit and bring in floyd williams with war dread what is you got for me here? >> -- wardrobe. what have you go for me here. >> what you have on is pretty close. i think maybe some neons. >> yes these are good. >> i think i am needing some fringe. >> oh. >> you got just the thing can i just go on record and say i actually owned this jacket at one point >> i think we bought it from you. >> well, it was the real deal and here is this,. >> let's get the hair out. >> yeah. >> boom. >> we are way back. don't stop believing brother. i am telling you. >> so awesome. so totally cool i totally love it. and you will totally love the show i did the valley girl thing did you pick up on that. our website we have a link to rock of ages only in town for two weeks this is the
7:57 am
last stop of the touring company, this is the first national touring company they have had they are ending it here in the nations capitol last chance to see constantine. i will go more vintage on you because you know what, this is my actual 1989 high school cheerleading jacket you just think about that as you go to commercial break more fox 5 morning news after the break. you are so jealous you want to buy this don't you
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a wild night on the belt way it all started up in baltimore with a carjacking then a chase on 495, reached at times speeds of 100 miles an hour and ended with a mother and her young child rolling out of the car to try to get to safety. live with all the details. >> then in the district firefighters are not just fighting flames now they are fighting crime too. how they are being used and their reaction to that. >> plus she made the quarter final winning goal for u.s.
8:01 am
women's world cup soccer team final penalty kick of the match she will join us live on the phone we will talk with her on the team bus as they travel to frankfurt. talk with her in 15 minutes good morning thanks for being with us. super exciting can't wait to hear that. >> big match sunday. >> we also say good morning to tony perkens just a nice start to the day. on my short walk. >> yeah. >> my house to my car. >> you enjoyed it more than you have been >> it kind of caught me off guard. >> cool crisp conditions nice pictures from our live shots it will be a great day. satellite radar start with that, i am happy to say nothing to show you we are mostly cloud free, you can see that big area from the mid-atlantic off to ohio valley and northeast where things are clearing out quite nicely, as high pressure settles in that will bring us quiet conditions a little breezy, quiet conditions and most importantly, lower temperatures and lower humidity
8:02 am
for the next few days, very very good. temperatures across the region look like this, right now we are at 69 degrees, here in the district as we go to the temperatures, we have 69 degrees right now in washington, 67 baltimore, 67 dulles, naval air station 63, winchester 63. sunny, warm not humid, no air quality alert in effect. breezy, but very very nice. there you go more on the forecast coming up in a little bit. appreciate it tony. >> let's check with julie what a busy morning. >> i keep getting a lot of tweets from people, talking about what is happening up in german town, west, highway tied up with an over turned vehicle that lost its load, southbound 270, leaving german town the accident can be reported before 28 was in the left lane the big
8:03 am
story this morning, across the 14th street bridge, toward the dc line the problem is where they emergency on to the line they are stacked up dew street headed northbound, 295 traffic flows, malcolm x at the parkway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a lexus carjacked with a mother and child inside the vehicle. the wild chase stretched down 95, and the belt way, this morning we are getting our first look at the suspect. fox 5s. stay is he cohen is -- stacy cohen is live at the police barracks. >> reporter: this was an interesting story it started last night in a west baltimore neighbourhood when this mother and her baby were at a gas station and a man forced his way into the car, and took off stealing the car with the
8:04 am
mother and 20 month old infant still inside. we do have a look at him, his name is teron white, age 22 this is him at rockville police station within the last hour. he tore down 95, at a high rate of speed, at one point sideswiped a state police car, that police car began to give chase, he refused to stop exceeding 100 miles per hour at times, by the time they made their way around connecticut avenue another car came, he was drivinger ratically at times lowing down to under 20 miles an hour driving this 1995 black lexus the car door passenger door was reportedly dangling, perhaps damaged in the accident finally it slowed around the area t mother and infant jumped out on the roadway and were safe caught by police taken to local hospital the suspect pulled over he was then arrested and brought here
8:05 am
to maryland state police barracks in rock dale the mother and infant are doing well they were released from hospital when the suspect walked out he appeared injured he is facing numerous charges, completed interviews here with state police and on his way to baltimore facing many other charges they have quite a few questions for him there as well. reporting live, stacy cohen. stepped up patrols in one dc neighbourhood as residentbusiness owners ask the guardian angels to hell within the recent spike -- help with recent spike in crime. they will start tomorrow and continue every weekened up to labor day and work in partnership with the city's police department. >> another tactic to fight crime, for weeks they have been sent to potential crime hot spots across the city to be a visible presence yesterday they were fanned out to coincide with the first payday for participants to have summer youth employment program in the
8:06 am
past the kids have been the target of robbery since they have been able to with draw pay from atms and banks. >> no one is being placed at harm you are a firefighter, a public works person in a government vehicle and you are collecting a government check every day you work for the citizens of the district of columbia, and all we are asking people to do is what we are asking any other citizen to do if you are out on the street if you see something dial 911 have the metropolitan police department respond. >> firefighters union disagrees with the move fearing for the safety of its men and women >> latest talks on raising the debt ceiling at the white house last night president barack obama briskly walked out of the meeting after two hours of talks he was frustrated reportedly with republicans and declared quote enough is enough as he rejected demands he accept a short term extension of the borrowing authority they will be at it again this afternoon at the white house. what is all this talk about
8:07 am
something called the debt ceiling what could it mean for your mortgage, your 401 k getting a car with a car loan and social security. james shows us what happened. >> reporter: what would you do if your 401 k tanked? interest rates on your credit cards and mortgages skyrocketed? in the military what if you stopped getting paid. well, that could happen, if the government's cash flow trickles to a stop. >> like if you had a car and took all the oil out of the engine that would be the equivalent of what would happen. >> reporter: it could be financial armageddon most don't understand the debt ceiling how does it work? say the government is like a person it makes money but spends more than it makes and like a lot of folks it needs to use credit to pay for stuff while you and i may have to spend money on things like groceries or a car payment the
8:08 am
government still needs to cut checks for things like social security and military pay, and with the government pretty much maxed out on their line of credit this could close the door on future spending. and the problem with no spending is that the government still owes tonnes of money but can't borrow any more to pay it out. thus, three choices increase the government's line of credit raising the debt ceiling or balance the budget which would require hundreds of billions of dollars of spending cuts and tax hikes. or, the government could default on some of their loans. >> default is not an option. >> reporter: if the government defaults stock markets across the globe could tumble. and it still wouldn't fix the cash flow problem for the government. >> wouldn't be any liquidity what that means for consumers interest rates skyrocket you wouldn't be able to borrow money. >> reporter: with what money the government has left they would face tough decisions as to who to pay military, social security, school, medicare, it is all part of the worst case
8:09 am
scenario many hope to avoid. >> james reporting there. negotiators have less than three weeks to come up with a deal they are threatening to lower the credit rating of the united statemake it more expensive for us to get a home, student loana car. >> 9 minutes past the hour coming up thursday morning, interview we have been talking about for some time alley kreager. the team playing for the world cup title sunday is going to join us live after the break we will talk with her on the phone she is on her way to frankfurt this weekend we will talk with her next.
8:10 am
8:11 am
rn t
8:12 am
8:12 a.m. let's look at some of the stories making headlines police on the lookout for thieves who keep ripping off motorcycles in alexandria, two have been stolen in the past week from the same parking garage one crime caught on surveillance
8:13 am
video, highrise apartment garages are prime targets. montgomery county police on the hunt for whomever vandalized 20 vehicles yesterday morning parked in silver springs, some were spray painted with offensive graffiti others had tires slashed it could be a hate crime. >> dc police escort charlie sheen got is being called are you teen according to a new report released by the city's inspector general's office they made several recommendations including notifying other jurisdictions when there is an escort outside the district. let's check with mr. perkens for a look at the forecast. my first 5 photo of the day. >> we don't need to call it the coolness factor, warm up factor today will be perfect and the photo. it is time for the my first photo of the day let's look. oh, >> my goodness. >> 18 months old. >> so perfect. >> 18 months old. >> look at that face.
8:14 am
isabella. >> 18 weeks. >> what is that? >> sorry 18 weeks. >> how could she just be 18 weeks i guess she is look at that little body. >> yeah. >> but the walking throws you but then she is with assistance she is really advanced. >> pretty in pink ready to go out and play. >> oh, my she is a doll. really is. >> i love the little face. >> i could just pick this picture apart look at it all day long. >> thank you for sending it in if you want the send your child's photo go to click on mornings. >> all right let's take a look start with temperatures, 69 degrees, here in dc look how cool it is to the north. rochester new york, 57 degrees, 59 detroit, warm to our south, 80 miami, 86 degrees right now if dallas, so they continue to have the heat down there. all right, satellite radar
8:15 am
composite for our region. we continue to see mostly clear skies that is the way it is going to be look how quiet it is in the eastern united states nothing going on ohio, indiana, kentucky, tennessee, north carolina, virginia, clear skies high pressure calm conditions, dry a little breezy, there is your five day forecast when was the last time you saw one that looked that good. nice today straight through the weekend monday we have some heat returning and humidity as well. that is a look at what is happening with weather. another check on traffic from julie wright. julie. >> all right well, right now we are checking out that drive, 395, which is not moving at speed that is an under statement the problem is that sinkhole we were talking about end of the 14th street bridge on the dc side as traffic merges on to the express lane. left side of the highway, according to callers and tweeters, i am told there is a crew there trying to place a
8:16 am
large steel plate across the hold. left lane blocked, big delays 395 out of springfield, 644 express lanes tied up as well. trying to make your way across the potomac. telegraph road, malcolm x to the wash way checking for a crash near howard road. crash before 28 whatever was there had cleared so our lanes closed out of rockville georgia avenue, northbound 301, probably stretching to get by. that is a check for fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you for a country that might favour football and baseball there is a lot of attention being put on usa soccer not just the men either u.s. women's world cup employees to possibly win the entire cup after beating brazil in quarter finals and france yesterday the team faces japan in the finals sunday. defender alley kreager from dumb frees, all american now
8:17 am
she is with us on the phone from germany how are you doing? >> great thank you great the talk with you guys. >> are you guys headed to frankfurt? >> yeah, we are on the bus it is a bit loud we are headed to frankfurt and will be there until sunday. >> we can hear you loud and clear talk about frankfurt this is like going home for you your second home. >> yeah, exactly definitely my second home i am very very excited i have been telling the girls we've traveled all over germany yet we haven't gone to frankfurt so finally, we are able to go and then hopefully i can show the girls you know something fun, you know some of my favorite restaurants and places to go shopping and so forth. >> what is it like now the match isn't until sunday you have a couple days is it all work no play or do you mix it up? >> up a little bit one training a day and in between we have treatments and getting you know, tweaks and things figured
8:18 am
out to prepare fully for the game, meetings and meals but i am sure we will have some time off to go enjoy the city we have four days should be enough time to enjoy frankfurt. >> let's recap last week, go pack to yesterday first of all match against france first of all i was watching on tv it did not look like fun playing in those weather conditions with a was that like. >> yeah, one of my favorite weather conditions to play in you know soccer is a funny game and the weather, causes it to be intense you got to just deal with it conditions were tough the ball was moving pretty quickly you got a get a first good touch on the ball that didn't necessarily happen every time it was tough you got to deal with it, it was the whole game i think we dealt with it pretty well and came out with a win. >> yeah, i think you dealt with it well, 3-1 win everybody was still buzzing over the big win
8:19 am
against brazil your last moment on the field was the pk end of the match did that go as you planned it? >> i was hoping it would go exactly as i planned it in my head i wasn't thinking too much as i am walking up to take the pk and you know, everything was a blur looking back on it my teammates rushed out so i felt i had to do the same and i just had gone up placed it and yeah, just did what we previously practiced in training it all worked out well we celebrated the win it was an amazing experience. >> i know you guys have known you are going to win this thing from the start before you got going but to try to convince others in the u.s. may be tougher now you are playing japan sunday do you think the rest of the world is coming on to your side and feeling the same confidence hopefully you guys are. >> of course on paper we are ranked number one in the world but actions speak louder than
8:20 am
words and i think we have to prove a lot this tournament, you know because there was talk about how we haven't been playing the best soccer, in the world but i think we have prove everyone wrong and shown up and done really really well on this tournament and especially as a team we haven't stopped working together, we prove we never give up as americans and team in general we have loved the support from everyone at home and i am so excited everyone is more interested in it, and focused on the final and hopefully everyone will enjoy it and we know everyone is behind us that gives us even more motivation. >> well, you know we are wishing you the best of luck between living in frankfurt the last couple yearbeing back there now anything you miss about dc as you get geared up for the game sunday >> i just want to say thank you to everybody for all the amazing messages i have gotten and all the people at home for all the support it can only help us play better and fight for you guys as well just know we are all waving from the pitts we are hoping to bring
8:21 am
home the gold and we know we are making you guys proud i appreciate it and enjoy all the viewing parties and please please watch the game and we are playing for you guys as well thank you. we will watch sunday stop back and see us after you win alley. >> i will. >> good luck to you and the rest of the ladies. >> i will let them know. >> alley number 11 on defense with the u.s. world cup team. >> so exciting. >> yeah. >> and i love to see everybody. >> the world cup. >> the whole world. >> doesn't get any bigger than that. >> time 8:21 a.m., thursday morning, pregnancy watch continues out at national zoo animal watchers watching maybe potential mama panda, second time around. she is giving them some mixed signals more on that when we come back. >> always with the mixed signals. >> i know it. >> come on. a little later we will check with holly she is busy shredding this morning national theatre with some of the folks behind rock of ages, more
8:22 am
guitar solos coming off
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> fox 5 monitoring metro you can expect some major headaches if you ride the rails beginning next month the transit agency shutting down metro stations for the entire weekend for
8:25 am
repairs, the twin brook, white flint, medical center stops will all be closed august 6th and 7th closures will be effected all major lines allowing them to get work done faster and safer. >> metro made a lot of empty promises for instance i work in foggy bottom they said esculator will be done may 20/11 i kid you not it opened this past monday we are july. >> people will feel inconvenienced and voice that, you know, on the weekends they are invon careen ever veni yensed. >> red -- inconvenienced. >> red line will have stations closed late august we have a link at later this afternoon actor dennis heary will present the smithsonian from items from rescue me making donations to national museum of national
8:26 am
history rescue me is about firefighters dealing with the grief and lost of friends and family at ground zero other actors and producers will be at the ceremony as well starting at 2:00 p.m. >> your panda watch update, she is continuing to keep us guessing she was showing signs of false labor, she is a little sleepy right now inside the den. these are live pictures last week she did the opposite right now zoo officials are waiting for results of a urinates they hope to give a clearer picture where things stand. >> all right. >> find out. >> we will see hopefully one way or another. >> 8:26 a.m. thursday morning today proclamation will be read declaring the rickey. >> do you know what it is? >> i don't. it is the native cocktail to washington. we will find out what is in the drink. >> fox's medical team joins us with a look at foods that can help boost your body's natural
8:27 am
spf [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®.
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8:30 am
as we check headlines this morning, virginia man behind bars accused of sexually assaulting two women in two separate incidents he works at the world employment agency jobless women who went there looking for help said he forced them to watch pornography and sexually assaulted them. >> marion barry's son facing a drug charge after his arrest in may police found pcp and marijuana in chris barry's apartment when they responded to a fight there. he is charged with possession with intent to distribute. july the month of the rickey that is the name of washington's soon to be native cocktail. jack adams will make it official, proclamation ceremony later this morning, the rickey made with gin, fresh lime
8:31 am
juice, club soda. >> sounds refreshing and light. >> came from back in the day when politicians and journalists would have beverages together in the 19th century. >> go figure. >> nice like a gin and tonic >> i guess. >> what is it called? tom collins something like that. not that i know. >> classic beverages. >> now we know the rickey. >> yeah. >> then we could be cool. >> tomorrow. >> okay. right. >> we will have three rounds of ricky's. >> yes, excellent. that is a fine idea. >> listen the weather is going to co-operate if you drink the rickey's later this afternoon. >> or 31-ounce drink at starbucks. >> perfect weather for whatever it is you want to do next couple days, lots of sunshine as we have talked about all week long we are losing the humidity it will be absolutely fabulous around here next few days heat and humidity out of here weekend looks great sunshine going to the beaches,
8:32 am
i can tell you bright sunshine upper 70s low 80s water temperature low 70s. if you love the heat i know many of you do 90s back in the forecast next week we are not dealing with summer quite yet. regan national, on the comfortable side haven't done that a whole hot this month, 72 in the city, 66 gaithersburg burg, 69 dulles, you are great after those big thunderstorms yesterday, 70 for you. 68 cambridge, 70 stevenville afternoon high temperatures only mid-80s dew point temperatures measures humidity for us and upper 50s. low 60s a very comfortable day. there is satellite radar, nice clear skies overnight and that lead to plenty of cooling, look what is going on out in ohio. high pressure will keep us nice and dry rain out west of chicago will not get a chance to be in here next chance for rain doesn't get in here until
8:33 am
perhaps monday or tuesday. gorgeous, 85 this afternoon, 65 our coolest temperature this month, 86 tomorrow we do warm up near 90 sunday and monday still no rain until early next week. >> that is a look at your forecast alison. with good news, thank you. good news for those of us with that sweet tooth indulging in a sweet treat could shield your skin against the summer sun. now live with the details i was so happy to see one of my favorites on the good list for once good morning. >> reporter: i know alison. any story we can do about the benefits of chocolate we are on it. we want to conduct our own study, this is choco love a decent way to start your day today because new research is saying dark chocolate might help boost your skin's natural ability to protect itself from the sun previous research has
8:34 am
shown dark chocolate has heart benefits we've talked about that. this new study, volunteers ate just an ounce of dark chocolate has to be dark for 12 weeks by the end of the study it took twice as much sun exposure for volunteers to get burned they thing it is the -- think it is the flavinoids they guard against uv damage a few things to keep in mind if you are going for the chocolate remember you want at least 70% cocoa, cacao you want it dark, cold pressed heat destroys those flavinols. it has to be dark because the milk blocks absorption of these and it is just an ounce a day this is a 3-ounce bar i have here, so that would be -- you have one of these over three days. >> still pretty good now please tell me cheese cake is on the list. >> well, [ laughter ] >> just joking. >> but there are other foods
8:35 am
that are quite delicious this time of year, a lot of fruits and vegetables -- boils down to a healthy diet but berries have been proven to actually also boost your natural spf cantaloupe, guava all rich in licopine. especially it is in cooked tomatos, it is very good for your skin and nutritionists also say eating salmon because of the omega threes can protect your skin. lots of good stuff on your menu today >> i love it. really good advice. thank you so much live from detroit. >> okay. >> steve over to you that is good no cheese cake but berries and guava good too. >> 8:35 a.m. cheese cake. another big name singer waking up the crew of space shuttle atlantis with a little a cappella wake up call. >> emmy nominations about to be
8:36 am
announced we will stream that and run down highlights later this hour stay with us
8:37 am
8:38 am
pgh ♪ if you believed they put a man on the moon man on
8:39 am
the moon ♪ >> sounds good a cappella, a special wake up song for the crew of space shuttle atlantis, rems michael stipe singing for them and relayed a message. >> we wish you much success on your mission, and thank all of the women and men at nasa who have worked on shuttle for three decades, from perth a very good morning to you. >> today the crew will hand carry several tonnes of food, clothing and other supplies into the international space station then they will have a little down time to kick back and relax a little bit. shea deserve that for -- they deserve that for sure. >> rudy giuliani headed to new hampshire fueling speculation he is going to jump into the race for president. he admits the 2008 campaign was deeply flawed has five appearances in the granite state today and tomorrow, he said he doesn't think any of the other candidates can defeat
8:40 am
president obama. and he is in new hampshire to explore his own run. >> sarah palin will announce her decision to run for president by late summer the former alaska governor says she thinks she could beat the current president she will decide in late august or early september. >> 8:40 a.m. thursday morning always nice to have a little spending change, right? >> there is a new ap helping users make hundreds of dollars a month. we will take a closer look at that in our smart phone first up let's rock out with holly. >> god i love the 80s. if you do i have good news for you as the tony award nominated rock of ages is in town at the national theatre where we are live this morning coming up we are going to show you first hand why you want to come out and enjoy the music yourself. all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> last night was a big night the red carpet rolled out for
8:44 am
dc premier of harry potterdeathly hallows part two. the 8th and final movie in the franchise expected to do really big business this weekend a lot of theatres will stay open overnight tonight, estimates for opening weekend ticket sales 125 to $150 million, the record for the best weekend opening right now belongs the dark knight in the bat man series collected $158 million first three days, our movie reviewer kevin mccarthy will be with us tomorrow he will give his review if you like movies, and books you will go see it. >> right is it too late for me to get. >> involved and go see? yeah, watch seven of them tonight and then see it tomorrow. >> we will think about that. >> maybe you prefer neater and music. >> maybe. >> rock of ages getting good reviews. >> playing at the national theatre not the harbour and stars an american idol alum,
8:45 am
holly morris with a preview >> i am enjoying it too we are not just getting any preview we are getting a preview live on stage at the national theatre, con stanton is playing the role he originated on broadway but the other big star of the show, you would have to say is the music itself we are talking journey, stix, reo speed wagon, pat ben tar and the people who bring it to life are people like chris. he has come out good morning to you sir. >> good morning. >> tell me a little bit about this whole arena rock stadium rock what exactly is the definition of that? >> arena rock is big loud guitars, big loud drums, great lead sippers with cool long hair -- singers with cool long hair. >> that pretty much wraps it up. >> yeah, and it is fun music. >> fun music everyone can sing and dance to everybody loves
8:46 am
the rock anthem. >> big chorus, big catchy, he canny chorus fist pumping. >> you are a live band throughout the whole show. >> we are. >> so tell me about that playing that because usually you come to musicals you are down in the orchestra pitt but you are as much a part of the show as anybody. >> i have a couple lines of dialogue. >> stop it. >> yeah i get in a little fight with our lead singer we have a moment. band called arsenal we are playing everything you hear we get to run around the stage and play around with some of the actors and so it is awesome. >> role of a life tim. >> it is. >> -- lifetime. >> it is. >> so who was your favorite band from the 80s. >> i loved van halen, ozzie oz bourn, huge white snakes fan. >> chris lane down here. >> yeah. >> that is real. >> this is your real hair have you thought of cutting this? >> no. >> good love it now he is going to play a little bit for us and
8:47 am
he is going to be preparing for unapologetic shreddi. >> right. >> i will come over here and talk to my girl erica >> i am just hanging at the bar. >> this is a bourbon room. >> yes where the action happens. >> looks like there has been a lot of action here. >> a lot of action at the bourbon room. >> she is the dance captain but also a swing explain what that is. >> a swing is a performer who under studies all the ensemble roleusually a principle or two i under study three of the girls and one principle role the other female swing under studies the other three we cover every female in the show and there are two males as well. so our job is to go on whenever people are sick, injured on vacation it is exciting. >> that is fun you always get to be someone different. >> i know the best job in show business and once opening and tech is over because it is hard when you are a swing everybody
8:48 am
is on stage jumping around you are in the audience like it is great i can't wait to be up there. >> you get multiple 80s looks. >> that's true i have a basic look that i wear no matter what i am doing in the show but when i cover -- i cover justice in the show i have a justice get up and a couple wigs. >> we need to do our audience justice, right about now, we are going to have what is called a face melting solo from chris ♪ [ music ] ♪ ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> this is just the dip of the iceberg -- tip of the iceberg when it comes to rocking out.
8:49 am
rock of ages only here at the national theatre for two weeks. this is the first national touring company of this show and this is the last stop on the tour, and your last chance to see constantine in his role he is winding it up after this is over he is winding it upcoming live on our show next hour he is going to join us on stage we will talk to him about what he has been up to and he will perform live. back to you in studio. pretty cool. >> i like it a lot of flash backs. >> are you young enough -- i mean old enough for flash backseat? >> from at that mu -- black backs from that music? >> yes. hugh laurie nominated for his role on house, martha limptof for raising home.
8:50 am
american idol and so you thing you can dance. and glee was nominated best comedy category. >> just came out emmy's themselves will be on fox on september 18th,. you should bring if your own emmy. >> doesn't quite compare. >> still i am proud of you. >> oh, thank you nice moment. >> fox 5 newsroom we are hoping for nice moments from the job market fewer people sought unedmonton employment benefits last week the labor department said weekly applications dropped to seasonally adjusted 405,000 lowest level in three months. >> if you are looking for work we have our job shop open the job of the day norwood marble and granite brent wood maryland looking for an administrative assistant go to click on the job shop tab top of the home page. how would you like to make extra money on the side do it with the help of your smart phone there is an ap for that.
8:51 am
>> an ap for everything. >> the company that hones this ap just -- owns this ap just went public. >> some users bring in hundreds of dollars a month it is based on checking in from your phone and other minor tasks, the smart zone phone on the road to show us how it works. >> well, we are taking the smart phone zone on the road joined by a special guest from we reward an ap this is the creator, thank you for joining me. >> good morning. >> want to talk a little bit about this ap it is like when you check into four square or any of those other apes you get paid for it you are already doing that work if you check into other apes try to get a little compensation tell us how this works. >> basically, 15 million businesses that you can check in to and when you open up your we reward ap it will list locations in your area so we have a bunch of them down in
8:52 am
this area here starbucks. >> right where we are. >> in front of starbucks, panara bread. >> best buy. >> a simple process you would look for the starbucks opportunity here, we would see okay we need to take a picture of you with your starbucks cup so we would snap the button here we share that out to twitter and facebook and four square so if you are already using those social networks it just layers on top and basically you would earn 50¢ for takes that picture. >> so they will give you these requests they want a picture or they want you to do this or that. >> for every opportunity there are specific instructions, place, products buying something at a grocery store or electronic store other things are apes get paid for downloading apes. >> that is easy we do that plenty here.
8:53 am
all right so tell me about your other -- well, the main company is called idea. >> right. our whole thing is to help people make money from social media. so we have a platform called sponsored tweets do it allows people to earn money if they have twitter and we have a platform called social spark that allows bloggers to earn money for blogging about advertisers. >> and ted already as sured me everything you do is advertising nothing shady. >> nothing shady we are trying to connect advertisers with people trading social media content and allow them to earn money. >> basically it is the wave of the future. >> it is the future. >> awesome. so this little picture we just took will get me some cash. >> right. >> absolutely. >> we have all this information on just head there, we reward ap available on android, iphone and blackberry free and if you are a business
8:54 am
interested in advertising, you can head to >> go right to we reward. we will post that on look under the morning page for the smart phone zone back to you. >> thank you very much. >> love other ways to hav second stream of income. >> no kidding. >> when you upload a photo for a company they can use it however they wish ted murphy has not had complaints but something to keep in mind. >> it can take top three days to register to your account and then cash out via paypal. >> thursday morning, we are tackling two great topics in our next hour. >> we are at 9:00 a.m. how many kids make up the perfect family? >> author joins us with his guidelines on creating the perfect family size. >> how your clothes can make you look slimmer and younger. >> now you are talking. >> fashion for all sizes and we really mean it all sizes this time. >> okay. >> all right
8:55 am
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>> time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day the actual fan of day is gloria. but in this photo, gloria is posing with her lovely mother evelyn today is her 87th birthday. so congratulations to gloria and happy birthday to evelyn glad you are both with us this morning if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under gloria and her mother. >> let's turn things over to tony and alison. all right steve thank you very much one of these stories is one you covered earlier in the show. here is a look at stories we are working on for the 9:00 a.m. hour you remember the investigation that exposed bad behaviour by chrysler workers
8:59 am
in detroit drinking on lunch break, doing drugs it is happening again now chrysler is responding you want to see this story coming up ahead. >> plus call it a book about family planning if you like author of creating your perfect family size he has more on how the number and spacing of your kids can effect your marriage. >> i really want to hear that. >> something a lot of people strive for looking younger and slimmer coming up later tips from a fashion expert on how to achieve those goals. >> how the know you know some times you think you put something on does this look nice not really. >> got to have that thing. >> good to have help. >> tucker we all need a lot of help. >> something i worry on a daily basis. >> you don't need to. >> let's get right to the weather forecast. i have the best news at all temperatures only in the mid- 80s. humidity, thunderstorms out of the forecast this will be perfect for the middle of july nu


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